The Team that born only in the minds of project managers rarely get high-quality results. If its members do not have a common vision of the goal to pursue, if they do not develop the same passion for achieving the "concept", they are not able to work together. The key is awareness on the part of the members of the mutual interdependence, but also of diversity of their artistic and creative experience, that makes them a different group. At the base of the success of the project is the "exchange" mutual , the freedom to express their ideas and creativity , and to compare them with those of others. The performances that ensue are the natural expression of TEAM Work SarahMosse Fashion Design . In its original meaning and most authentic Sarah " MOSSE " Fashion TEAM regards the quality to create movement , making a creative journey , to embark on a "journey" in Fashion & ' Arts & Communication.

The style Natural Chic of designer Sara PASQUARELLI (SarahMosse)...The colorful world of creative jewelry Severina GRASSI ( Seve G. ) ...The click- art, feel the street, lights and shadows of the photographer Paolo CARDONE...The surreal reality of the film -maker William MUSSINI ...The Natural Look of hair- stylist Emiliano CICCONE ( VogueHairStudio ) and... the make-up artist Jessica DI BIASE ... the computer language of system-administrator Francesco STENO... and visual Marco MOFFA...the explosive charge and the determination of Marilena and Walter ( NAPOLEONE shoes ) , shoes...the project Antonio AMORE.
The stylistic research , creativity and attention to detail are expressions of SarahMosse Fashion Design style. The goal? ... Communicate and convey a message of " freshness " and " refinement " developing it through innovation without betraying that ' own cultural identity of ' hand made in Italy.
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